what are the causes of not finding them clever

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Their sharp schools, because of their preconceived services and higher education, have become one of the most popular schools in the country, and the registration of their sharp schools is determined to be chosen every year by identifying and measuring students, so that the interest of the people is able to continue this, after having passed the examinations of their schools at the Cordova House.

Six that can prevent your success from taking their ites
In spite of the difficulties which the volunteers have undergone, few people will accept from the entrance examinations to these schools, and the reason for this is, by a variety of factors in the course of which we are going to pass through a series of obstacles that bring us to the test of their most outstanding schools.

1. The incompatibility of the riddle

In the sixth and sixth years of their freak college tests are celebrated all over the country, and, of course, in some of the periods when there is a need for completion, to complete the number seven, the spelling house would be considered as the next step in the hope of winning the admission to the local schools, as well as the number of those in question.

Six to seven.

of ‘ ‘very good scale,’ ‘ in every step, the second base of Antioch.
“ To be a good scale, a good one at every turn of the sixth base of the parish.”
‘ ‘ In scale of the pig, at best, they will have a title, in the sum of the fifth and sixth years of their education, of course, that all students will learn to keep a record of Teen. ‘
Seventh to 80.

having an annual 19, higher at the base of the seventh

for at least the annual 19th at the base of the eight
2. To use the wrong, the moral, the planning.

One of the most important factors that can be the basis of students’ success in this exam is familiarity with the correct principles of planning and studying. Note that unprincipled studying will only waste your time and energy. Therefore, first learn the correct and logical methods of planning and then be consistent in implementing your plan.

Considering that studying for school exams has major differences with studying to participate in this exam, you can get help from a consultant to know the correct study methods and then follow the correct study process. get.

3. Choosing a school in a city other than your place of residence

Each student has the option of choosing up to 3 brilliant schools in the city of his residence or outside of it. The criteria for accepting candidates in each of the 3 selected schools are given below.

In case of choosing the first secondary schools in different cities of the same province, only the city and school that was the first priority of the student will be the criteria for his admission.
If a student has chosen 3 high school gifted schools from among the schools in the cities of a province, he will be considered only in the city, school and field that is his first priority.
4. Limited admission capacity of Sampad schools

One of the factors that intensifies the competition among students to pass the entrance exam of these schools is the high number of candidates at the same time as the low admission capacity.

5. Answer the test questions regardless of the negative score

Some students start answering test questions without considering the negative points, which will cause their positive points to fall. According to the contents of the relevant manual that is placed on the registration site of the gifted schools exam, every wrong answer registered by the candidate will be accompanied by 1 negative mark. Also, if more than one answer is given to a question, it will be given 1 negative mark.

Each correct answer in the gifted school test will earn the student 3 positive marks.
6. Failure to achieve the maximum academic guidance score for studying in the desired field

In the event that the applicants’ admission to the second year high school gifted schools for experimental, mathematics, humanities and skill fields are confirmed, their status is in accordance with the conditions mentioned in the regulations of academic guidance. In fact, a student who does not succeed in obtaining the necessary points to choose the desired field, will not be allowed to study in these schools.

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