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Khgh agha
2 min readJul 20, 2022

Immediate dental implant is a process that takes place immediately after tooth extraction.

Usually, immediate delivery of implants with artificial teeth is the best option for all patients, but it is not suitable for all patients and depends on specific conditions.

What is an immediate implant?

If you go to the dentist and find out that you have lost a tooth, especially if that tooth is one of your front teeth, it is undoubtedly an unpleasant event and you will try to repair it as soon as possible. Replace it with existing methods. One of these methods is the immediate implant, which we will discuss briefly below.

It is worth mentioning that the immediate implant depends on the skill of the dentist, the quality of the equipment and facilities used, and most importantly, the patient’s condition. In addition to gum and bone health, the strength and good density of bone tissue are among the things that are of special concern for the immediate implant process.
Immediate dental implant is a method of dental implantation in which after extracting and extracting the tooth, the fixture base is placed in the jaw of the working bone.

The immediate dental implant is completely similar to the original tooth and does not cause any problems for the person and he can use it for the rest of his life.

immediate implant
immediate implant

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