Awax registration conditions for talented people

Khgh agha
2 min readSep 13, 2022

Gifted schools are among the schools that parents and students pay attention to for the facilities and quality of teaching. Every year, a number of students register for this test, but it is not easy to register for the gifted test, but students must have general and specific conditions to be able to participate in the gifted test.

Registration for the gifted test is done in grades 6–7 and 9–10. Registration for the 6th grade gifted exam is done at and 9th grade gifted exam registration is done at Admission of students to gifted schools in the 6th to 7th grades and gifted schools in the 10th to 10th grades is based on the instructions of the gifted test and only based on the test score, and the student’s grade point average has no effect on the test. The result of the admission capacity of gifted schools 6–7 1400–1401 and gifted schools 9–10 1400–1401 will be informed to the students during electronic registration through the registration site.

Students should choose schools according to their place of residence in the last academic year. In cities that have several gifted bachelors in the first and second semesters, each candidate can choose a maximum of three gifted bachelors degrees in the first or second semester, respectively.

When registering for Tizhoshan 1400–1401 Tizhoshan 9–10, candidates can only choose one field of study and the final acceptance of Tizhoshan high school for study fields (literature and humanities, mathematics, physics and experimental sciences) depends on It is successful. The qualification conditions of the course are according to the norms of the student’s academic orientation.

Changing majors in the second year of gifted high schools in the first year of admission is prohibited, and in order to change majors in the following years, in addition to having the conditions to change the academic major, the student must obtain at least a passing grade. the score in the desired field in the high school entrance exam. The registration of gifted students of the sixth period was held before the 5th of Bahman until the 12th of March and after this deadline, the Ministry of Education extended this period 4 times until the survivors from 14th of Bahman until Register on March 26.

Students who have the conditions to register for the 1400–1401 gifted schools exam should refer to the website and complete the necessary steps. According to the announcement of the National Organization for the Development of Brilliant Talents, the registration instructions for the entrance exam of gifted schools will be sent to Sampad high schools all over the country after being compiled and finalized in the middle of March 2017.